Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tim Horton's Store #1 (Hamilton Ontario's Pride and Joy)
Grab a coffee (a double double as they say here) and see what other signs can entertain you

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

cheap thrills

You really can buy something for a nickel. Only in Port Dalhousie, all summer long

Add your 5 cents worth and join in the fun.
And thanks to Gemma at Greyscale Territory who designed a badge for us. It is up there in the left hand corner to be taken by anyone who is interested.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

stop and stay awhile

a corner store in Oakville (that sells a great assortment of plants and flowers all summer)

Thank you to all who participated last week and a big welcome to new participants! 
I think we have a nice variety of signs for your enjoyment, so don't forget to visit everyone.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

thanks and an apology

Hamilton hair stylist
So, there I was, trying to fit my ever expanding collection of sign photos into as many different memes as I could, when Pagan Sphinx casually mentioned in a comment that she had been looking for a signs meme as well and couldn't find one. Being ever so eager to please, I decided, one sleepless night, to start my own. And after a week of doggedly advertising and enticing others to join in, Francisca finally pointed out my first glaring error. And it was a doozy.

I could blame it on not having a current 2011 calendar at hand, my excited, yet sleep-deprived state, trying to figure out the time zones of the world ... or too much chocolate and spiked egg nog over Christmas... or just my own stupidity.

For a variety of reasons, I settled on Thursday as the perfect day, with an advance linky up and running on Wednesday afternoons. Wednesday is the 5th of January, but I have been telling everyone to meet on Wednesday the 4th. For this inaugural week only, the linky will be up today (which is indeed the 4th, but not Wednesday) and open until Saturday, so join in at any time and come back often to see who else is at the party. Next week the linky will be up at its proper and regular time of  Wednesdays at 4pm EST
Sorry for the confusion.
P.S. I hope this works, but I will be at work and won't know until later this evening....

Saturday, January 1, 2011

coming soon

(Mississauga, a new restaurant is opening on South Service Road)
The link will be up on Wednesday January 5th 
at 4PM Eastern Standard Time.
I hope you are all ready to start collecting - or sorting through your archival - photos of interesting and illuminating signs.
I think you all know the rules, but here is a refresher:
  • post any original photo that has been taken by yourself (or belongs to you)
  • link back to signs, signs, so others will know where to go if they wish to join
  • visit other participants' blogs and comment so they know you have visited
  • any type of signage is acceptable
  • to make it more meaningful, please add some context to the photo (eg. where it was taken, some background to what the sign represents) because I will ask. I am nosy interested that way.
  • if anyone wants a badge thingy and knows how to do that, let me know
See you on Wednesday!